Lucky Cat Spills the TEa

I'm just here to drink tea and bitch.

I will be doing a revamp of the website and changing the URL in the near future. I've updated my Linktree with the new name.

I have a LOT of projects in the works that will probably be posted in the next few months. I will probably not be on social media that much in the near future.

This is a blog. I don't sell tea.

Remember that 5 minutes of doxxing saves one from a lifetime of embarrassment.

Feel free to mail me random tea if you want it reviewed.

I'm currently backed up with personal samples until late 2022 or 2023, but if you send me something special for free, I'll make the time.

I'm currently looking for more ya baos / fairy teas to try so if you have a sample you like, one you grow, or one you sell, let me know and I'll put you on the list!

I've decided to handle posting tasting notes differently. I will be posting in depth reviews on this site and bite sized notes and reviews on my instagram. But in the end, the instagram will mostly just be cat pictures. I'll also eventually have a section on here for kombucha and cannabis related recipes. I also have several writing projects in the works that will eventually get posted.

If you want to read some of my current reviews, check out my Instagram. I have more tasting notes and mini reviews on my Instagram than anywhere else.

I blend tea as a hobby. I considered selling teas in the past, but I hate customers and running a tea business sounds thoroughly awful. Also the moment you have any real skin in the game, people question your motives. Mine are simple. I just want tea.

I will happily sacrifice my personal safety for $20 of silver needle dragon balls, a nice shou mei, anything old tree, or some aged sheng, so I'm down to trade teas or get sent free teas.

Just remember that if you show up at my house, you are required to bring loose leaf tea and boobs. Man boobs are fine.

Also I don't answer the door before 12pm because only terrible people would try to talk to me at eight in the morning.

If you have managed to get my phone number, I do NOT answer it before 12pm. If you are bleeding out somewhere, definitely call someone else.

Last Updated: 05/25/2022